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April 22, 2015 Sheraton Guildford, Surrey

Welcome to the Evolution of Communities Forum

March 10th, 2015 — Post by Bruce Hayne, City Councillor

Imagine for a moment, a community of the future; a community that is engaged and connected, a community that utilizes technology and data to help guide policy decisions, create better transit infrastructure and develop public safety strategies – all while attracting investment and driving efficiencies. The future is here.

Welcome to the Evolution of Communities Forum. This inaugural event is a unique opportunity for Municipalities, thought leaders, and the technology industry to share and learn from leaders in the field. Utilizing data and associated technology to drive efficiencies, engage communities and ultimately shape public policy decision-making is critical in today's municipal environment.

Municipalities are being asked to deliver more and more services with limited resources, both human and financial. Leveraging data and technology to deliver services and drive intelligent decision-making are helping municipalities meet these increasing expectations.

The Evolution of Communities Forum is a full day program geared to Elected officials, Economic Development officers, Senior Planners, IT/Technology managers, Emergency Responders and technology industry professionals.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore the use of technology and big data in the areas of public safety, transportation management, community engagement, predictive modeling Economic Development and municipal service delivery. Panelists, moderators and speakers at the conference are all leaders in their respective fields.

I invite you to come and explore the incredible opportunities that Smart City strategies have to offer. The conference will provide the opportunity to not only learn from national and international experts, but will also offer the opportunity to network with community, industry and civic leaders from across Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. I challenge you to be inspired, be innovative and join the Evolution of Communities.

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